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These Products Have My Official Certification! A Personal Recommendation To Be Used As A Second Alternative If You Can’t Personally Work With Me …

Now … nothing takes the place of working with a professional Hypnosis Therapist. The benefits FAR out way anything you can accomplish with a product … but … if its not possible to work with me these products have been hand picked to benefit you. I personally went through over 300 good, decent and flat out rip-offs to decide on the best of the best.

So, take your time browsing around and if you have any questions feel free to contact me..

The Best Of The Best Of My Personal Picks

Hypnosis CDs & MP3s


The Link Below Is For CDs and MP3
By The “Hypnotist To The Stars”
Steve G. Jones …

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Stop By Wendi’s Mega Website Who Has Been Producing Hypnosis Tracks And Transforming Peoples Lives For A Very Long Time … I Actually Learned A Few Hypnosis Techniques From Her That I Still Use To This Day.




The Power Of Self Hypnosis

The benefits of self hypnosis are endless … you can work on any problem or improve ANY area of your life. So if you’re serious about learning self hypnosis your best option is to contact me. However … if that’s not a possibility take a look at Master Hypnotist Igor Ledochowski new and outstanding training serious on self hypnosis. Just click the image below…

Long Lasting Weight Loss Motivation

This is an interesting and unique Weight Loss Program developed by Harley Street London, covering a proven step by step process to long lasting weight loss motivation

Weight Loss Hypnosis - Gastric Mind Banding

Fear Of Flying

Fear Of Public Speaking

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Renegade Mindset Techiques For Golf

This is by far the most complete program to take your golf game from Amateur to Pro. Everyone I have ever referred to “Renegade For Golf” has been happily satisfied with the program.

Renegade Mindset Techniques For Tennis

The Natural Night Sleep Program

Painless Childbirth

Quit Nail Biting Secrets

Stop Biting Your Nails

Stop Your Snoring Problem Forever

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Stop Blushing Start Living With Hypnosis

Test Taking Cure

Wealth Wizard

Download Adam Eason's "Wealth Wizard" Hypnosis MP3 + Video Training To Help You Think Differently About Money

The Wealth Wizard Challenge is a fun & powerful way to look at your thoughts around money, help to think about limiting beliefs differently & get your mindset right for abundance. You’ll get instant access to Adam Eason’s Wealth Wizard Hypnosis MP3 (value $50) + 7 Incredible Training Videos