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These clients are from Bergen, Passaic, Rockland,
Orange, Morris, Essex, Hudson and Rockland Counties
of New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY).

“Anxiety, Constipation And A Bad Eating
Habit Are In The Past”
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“I am glad I worked with Dr. Robert and his Clinical Hypnosis and Mind-Body Therapies. He helped me improve my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stress related constipation and my anxiety is better now than any other time in my life. It was a really good experience working with Dr. Robert and he also helped me lose weight.”

Magdalena Tekiela
-Clifton/Ridgewood, Bergen Passaic County, New Jersey (NJ)

Dear Friend~

Have you been struggling with trying to stop smoking or low self esteem and confidence? Are you trying to lower your stress level or overcome a fear such as flying, public speaking or driving … or maybe improve your sports game like golf?

You may be interested in learning more about how hypnosis can benefit your children, allow you to stop a bad habit like nail biting or help improve your IBS problems. Maybe you've been trying to lose weight without success for a long time?

You Can Easily Overcome Any Of These Issues (And Many More) Through Using Clinical Hypnosis Consulting

My name is Dr. Robert, I'm a Clinical Hypnosis Consult and I’ve been helping people in the New Jersey, New York and around the U.S. with Clinical Hypnosis for over 13 years.

One of my passions has been to use the best, most effective hypnosis and mind/body therapies to help you to improve your life. My service helps you change unwanted behaviors, build positive habits, eliminate or improve physical and emotional/mental ailments without the use of drugs. I provide you with tools and techniques to fully maximum your experience and reap the biggest rewards possible.

Before We Go Forward Let Me Tell You Some Important Facts About Hypnosis…

Hypnosis Is Accepted By The Leading Medical Organizations In The World...

The American Medical Association approved medical uses of hypnosis from 1881 to 1958 as an acceptable form of therapeutic treatment. Also, two years later the American Psychological Association endorsed hypnosis as a branch of psychology. They also discouraged the use of stage hypnosis because they believed it would give the public the wrong idea of what it is.

In June 2000, the prestigious Journal of The American Medical Association published a report from the Journal of Applied Physiology about how hypnosis benefits some patients with pain especially with myofascial pain, headaches and highly anxious patients who want to actively participate in and control their care respond well to hypnosis.

On April 23, 1955 the British Medical Association (BMA) approved of hypnosis treatments in the areas of psychoneuroses (anxiety, sadness, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, fears, depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, disturbing impulsive and repetitive thoughts, low self esteem, etc.) and hypnosis therapy for pain management before, during and after childbirth and surgery.

The Department of Health in India during November 2003 stated hypnotherapy (aka. hypnosis) is a recommended mode of therapy to be practiced by appropriately trained professionals.

Even The Catholic Church Approves Of Hypnosis … In 1956 the pope stated that the use of hypnosis by health care professionals for diagnosis, treatment and in childbirth is permitted.

And the list goes on and on of how many medical institutions and organizations across the world approve of the use of clinical hypnosis therapy.

Here is another interesting fact …

Hypnosis Has Been Used By Famous
Actors, Athletes, World Figures
And Some Of The Greatest
Minds Throughout History…

Kevin Costner became seasick while filming the movie Waterworld. He flew his personal hypnotist to Hawaii to cure him. Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres and Ashton Kutcher stopped smoking with hypnosis. Sylvester Stallone worked with a hypnotherapist while filming Rocky in 1975. When Orlando Bloom was a child he was so addicted to chocolate his mother called in a hypnotist to get him to stop and Jessica Alba, pregnant with her second child used and recommends it for child birth.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis used hypnotherapy to deal with the tragic events of her life. Winston Churchill used hypnotic suggestions to stay awake and carry out duties as Prime Minister during WWII. Thomas Edison used self hypnosis to develop ideas and Mozart (1756-91) apparently composed the famous opera "Cosi fan tutte" while hypnotized. Henry Ford (1863-1947) the great car manufacturer problem solved using hypnosis.

Championship golfer Jack Niklaus used hypnotherapy treatments for improved concentration. Andre Agassi tennis star worked with clinical hypnosis to improve his tennis performance. Baseball players such as former Minnesota Twins Rod Carew used hypnosis to improve his performance and manage pain and injury. Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq O”Neal have all used hypnosis to boost their basketball performance. Tiger Woods' mental coach hypnotizes him to block out distractions and focus on the golf course.

What The Media Has Been Saying …

“18 studies showed that people who learned self-hypnosis lost twice as much weight as those who didn't.” — O Magazine –Oprah Winfrey-, August 2004

". . . a growing body of research supports hypnotherapy as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain."
— Newsweek, September 2004

". . . new findings are leading major hospitals to try hypnosis to help relieve pain and speed recovery on a variety of illnesses." — Wall Street Journal, October 2003

"Hypnotherapy can also be applied to improving study habits, stress reduction and raising self-esteem. To those in search of better physical or mental health, it's equally important that hypnotism is becoming increasingly accepted by the medical establishment and is certified by the American Psychiatric Association."
— Forbes, October 2005

At This Point You Can See That Hypnosis …

Is an extremely powerful therapy that can help you overcome many issues and it can also help you improve dozens of areas of your life.

When Hypnosis is properly performed, by a professional, it allows you to easily accomplish things you desire and has little to do with the entertainment stereotypes of a pocket watch, mind control or a chant of "you are getting sleepy"!

Many people are afraid to attempt to use Clinical Hypnosis, but rest assured current day medical science, people throughout history and the media says, “It Is Perfectly Natural, 100% Safe And Is Highly Effective”

You will always be in control, never do or tell me anything that you don’t want to and will always come out of a state of hypnosis at any time you desire. You will experience ZERO negative effects from hypnosis, only positive natural drug-free improvement. Plus, you can bring anyone you like into your session.

Here Are Some Areas My Clinical Hypnosis & Mind/Body Therapies Can Help Improve ...

  • Overcome dangerous addictions such as gambling, smoking and many more…
  • Become the person you desire by making yourself more confident, higher self-esteem and outgoing…
  • End your stress, excessive worry, sadness, and other emotional issues with the use of life changing techniques…
  • Lose weight, shed pounds, stop overeating, and get the body you've always dreamed of without starving yourself and feeling motivated to exercise…
  • Conquer public speaking, control nail biting and build new behaviors or habits you've always wanted…
  • Overcome deep-seated emotional issues such as fears and phobias and erase past traumas…
  • Stop insomnia by using hypnosis to quiet your mind and help you get a deeper, more restful sleep…
  • Develop more self-confidence, learn to love yourself, and get rid of self-doubt and any issues you have with the way you see yourself…
  • Speed the healing of your body of physical ailments and reduce chronic pain, and more…

And this is just the beginning of what my Clinical Hypnosis Techniques s & Mind/Body Consulting services can help you accomplish! So many areas of your life could be improved, so if you don’t see your particular issue listed contact me to discuss your situation.

Continue Below To Learn What My Clients Achieved Through My Hypnosis Services …

“After 13 Years I Stop Smoking”

"Who would have thought that after a 13-year smoking habit, I could quit after one hypnosis session? Truly remarkable. I don't think I could have done it on my own, but your hypnosis and take home CD of my session have given me the support I needed. Thank you!"

William Novacek
- Wayne, Passaic County, New Jersey(NJ)


“No More Fear Of Flying Or Heights”

“Dr. Robert helped me overcome a fear of heights and a fear of flying that had been with me for years. I was so afraid of flying I would get panic attacks on the plane or cry because of being so scared. Following our work together I was able to take a plane ride to see family on the other side of the country and also took a helicopter ride in NYC. I was so relaxed during the plane ride I could listen to music, read a magazine and talk with people around me. I also learned breathing techniques that allowed me to relax when I started to feel a little anxious. I have come to see Dr. Robert several times since then for other issues and I am always satisfied with the results."

Melissa Johnson
-Suffern, Rockland County, New York (NY)


“Can Now Handle Stress With No Irritable Bowel (IBS) Problems”

“You helped me to calm down and remain relaxed when stressful times hit. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and I can’t believe how my stress and emotional state contributed and was a big factor in my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I can handle all choirs during the day without having to run to the bathroom.”

Elizabeth Donatti
-Mahwah, Bergen County, New Jersey


“Knee Pain Tremendously Better”

“The pain reduction hypnosis for my knee helped me tremendously. Over the weekend I did a 2 mile hike up a hill with no pain and was able to keep up with everyone. I can walk up stairs much easier and could pick things up off the floor without a problem. I would not have been able to complete this accomplishment without your help, especially only 5 months post knee surgery and having years of chronic knee pain.”

Thanks Again,

Josh Benevides
-Franklin Lakes, Bergen County, New Jersey

“I Stress Less And Sleep Better”

“I heard about your hypnosis treatments from a coworker, who came to you for weight loss. I had a lot of stress during the day and it was effecting my sleep. I had tried different medications to sleep, but feel groggy the next day and just don’t want to take anything prescription.

For some time I have wanted to try hypnosis to help me sleep and when my coworker had mentioned you, I gave you a call. I have been sleeping so much better and when you taught me self hypnosis for my stress that really helps. I have been sleeping good for a few months now and feel so more energetic.

Thank you Robert for helping me."

Sandy Dresner
-Elmwood Park, Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ)

“Helped My Son With His Attention
And Bedwetting”

“You really helped my son with his attention issues and bed wetting. He feels better about himself and can sleep over friends’ houses. You made the appointment very comfortable as you allowed me and my husband to be there and the mind-body exercises you gave him helped so much and he enjoys doing them. I will recommend other parents to you for your hypnosis services for children.”

Megan McCormick
-Fort Lee, Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ)

“Career Is Great And Still
Losing Weight”

“When I took this promotion at work I knew I had to do a lot of public speaking which really became a problem as time went on. I had trouble sleeping and my nerves were a mess. I found you on the internet and we spoke and I came in to see you. I was a little nervous about doing hypnosis, but after speaking to you I was totally comfortable and ready to start. My public speaking problem is a thing of the past and after I accomplished that I did sessions for weight loss. Those really worked for my night time eating and cravings for bread and I still exercise 3 good days per week.”

Nick Zakowski
-Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ

“Only Positive Things”

"Dr. Robert has performed one-on-one clinical hypnosis sessions at our facility for stopping smoking, anxiety, improving job performance and weight loss and I have received nothing but positive feedback.

Jovita Wallace, Being In Balance, LLC
-Former Holistic Center In Nutley, NJ, Essex County

“Sports Game Improved And
Sleeping Better”

“Aside from just improving my basketball game for college, I am also sleeping better and the best thing I learned was the self hypnosis. I can do self hypnosis anytime I want and can work on my problems and my goals. I recommend anyone interested in hypnosis to see Robert”

Dante Hernandez
-Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey (NJ)

4 Reasons Why My Unique Clinical Hypnosis And Mind/Body Consulting Service Is Totally Different Than Any Hypnosis, Counselor Or Treatments Available

Reason #1: Unlike a traditional hypnosis therapist, you will NOT receive a “traditional hypnosis session”!

Let me explain … I use the latest in neuroscience and brainwave technology to give you the highest success rate available, eliminating problem areas with the only scientifically validated form of hypnosis.

You will be working with some of the latest mind/body technology that cost me over $15,000 in expenses and training to maximize your success in these sessions. This technology will allow you to gain better control of your mind … and … gain a deeper, more insightful understanding of your issues.

A Few Powerful Changes To Boost Your Success …

A finger sensor, glasses, headset and a plush reclining chair allow you to deepen your state of relaxation as I monitor your nervous system and other body functions to: GUARANTEE when you are in a state of hypnosis and keep you there for MAXIMUM therapeutic effect, peacefully drifting you into positive changes. These tools take the guess work out and we know for sure what clinical hypnosis techniques are right for your mind and body.

Reason #2: Aside from hypnosis I offer you other mind-body therapies so consider me a “one stop shop” for all your needs!

This is because I implement many healing therapies and treatments you would normally have to find 4 to 6 different therapist for.

This includes the “best of the best” in therapies taken from

  • Neuro-Linguistic-Programming “Instant Change” Techniques …
  • Traditional Talk Techniques …
  • Exposure Technoques …
  • Audio Visual Brain Wave Entrainment …
  • Problem Solving Techniques …
  • Thought Control and Changing …
  • Eastern Meditation …
  • Stress Management Techniques …
  • Breathing Exercises …
  • Cognitive Behavioral Methods...
  • Psycho-Cybernetics And More …

Why such an in-depth list of different areas, healing therapies and treatments? That’s …

Reason #3: My holistic approach means I’ll be using clinical hypnosis as the base but if needed, giving you easy to learn mind/body techniques to help control and improve your life—using the latest in mind/body technology to help you.

With my clinical hypnosis and mind/body service I’ve applied the “best of the best” from many therapy modalities and there are NO side effects, everything is 100% natural, the therapy is VERY short in duration, and we’ll focus on solving your problems for the rest of your life.

I Also Give You A Recorded CD of Your Hypnosis Sessions – You may not remember everything or want to listen again for details. You will have this option because every session is recorded and burned on your own personal CD.

In Addition For Most Of My Services You Will Be Taught Self-Hypnosis – You can work on any issue at any time and at any place when learning how to do self-hypnosis

Reason #4: I don’t just do clinical hypnosis treatments and a mind/body session and hope it works because I 100% guarantee my healing techniques will benefit you.

My Professional Hypnosis
100% Satisfaction Guarantee …

It’s my iron-clad guarantee: I personally guarantee you will see improvements in your issues using my mind/body service or I will refund your money.

… You will FEEL more in control of your problems…

… You will FEEL more confident in overcoming your issues …

… And you will SEE your quality of life going up and up

… OR …

… I will give you your money back.

This means your life improves or you pay nothing!

Take a second to think about this ...

If I wasn’t 100% sure my services would work for you … OR… if I haven’t been able to achieve similar results with other clients … then … I would be out of business in a very short time!

Instead I have many testimonials on file (like the ones you read) from people just like you in New Jersey, New York and around the U.S. … who used my clinical hypnosis services… and … are now living a better life!

“How Much Is Your Investment In
My Services?”

Notice that I said “investment” … and … I didn’t say, “ cost or fee?”

That’s because my most quickly helped clients—the ones that make positive turnarounds, seemingly overnight—understand that there are costs in life and there are smart investments.

  • A “cost or fee” is how much you pay to get your taxes done.
  • An “investment” is getting the help you need to free yourself from nagging life impairing problems.

Your investment in my services is affordable ...

You've probably spent more on a couple therapist visits, going out to dinner for a couple of weeks or some self help products. A serious question is: "Can you afford to continue with your present plagued with problems and the answers that lead to a better life never being realized?"

What’s more is with my 100% Professional Hypnosis, Money-Back Guarantee if you don’t get the results you're looking for you don’t pay!

I’m truly taking ALL the pressure … instead of … you having to risk anything.

This is life changing stuff...

Now The Question Is …

“In A Week, A Month Or A Year Where Will
You Be With Your Problems?”

You really have two options…

Option A: Ignore this message continuing to live your life with the same problems. Waking up tomorrow exactly where you are right NOW … Or try to improve things on your own, get caught up in hypnosis CDs, one size fits all books, advice from friends, the internet and live with knowing you once had the chance to never say, “I wish I had gotten the help I need…” but never took advantage of it:

  • With no plan
  • Not one bit better
  • And possible being worse


Option B: Be like one of my many clients and work with a professional with years of experience and get the desired results quickly without pain, agony or going broke.
One thing is for sure, I can guarantee that if you put this aside to "think about it" you won't be any closer to helping yourself.

Here's your wake-up call: This time next month you will either be dealing with the same problems wondering how to overcome them.

Or you will be enjoying the rewards of working with my clinical hypnosis service with:

  • A better more content life…
  • Achieving what you desire…
  • And all the happiness that arrives with REACHING YOUR GOAL.

Want to be among the successful in the option B category?

If you said "YES" here's your invitation to join them…

Let’s Begin With Your No Charge 20 Minute
“Get Acquainted” Consultation…

To get started, all you have to do is enter your name, phone number and email address in the form box below and hit “submit or call me at 201-728-4831.”

My 100% FREE no charge consultations are not high pressure sales pitches. We'll talk about the problems you’re facing and ways I can help and how you come to be interested in clinical hypnosis services. I will also answer any questions you have and provide you with any information you desire.

If you’re anything like my other clients I have worked with you’ll be seeing results and will be on your way to improvement after your first session.

“However You Do Have To Act Now…”

I’m only one clinical hypnosis therapist. And with the positive results I’ve been getting for my clients using these all natural hypnosis and mind/body methods I get calls every day from people asking me to help them.

Now, in order to deliver the results I pride myself on I have to limit the number of clients I see in any given day. At with my initial consults being between 90 minutes and 2 hours there is not enough time in the day to help everyone ……

Which means if you want to get started improving your life and do what it takes to reach your goals and boost your quality of life, you have to contact me today.

Use One Of These
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Once you’ve done that, you will have taken a VERY IMPORTANT first step to helping yourself!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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P.S. Remember my guarantee: You can’t go wrong with my 100% professional hypnosis money-back guarantee. Try out my service completely risk-free. You have ZERO to lose and a lot to gain.

P.P.S If you’re not in the New Jersey or New York area and would like a very effective phone consultation, simply call 201-728-4831 and leave a message if I don’t answer. I will get back to you shortly.

Disclaimer: Inidividual Results May Vary and No Guarantee of Results