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"Are You Ready To Raise Your Level Of Reality By Discovering The Mysteries Of Your Past Lives & Forgotten Memories
That Hold You Back From Enjoying True Happiness And Reaching Your
Full Potential?"

"You Can Be Free Of Uncertainty By Learning How Your Past Lives And Forgotten Memories Are Affecting Everything That Makes Up What
Your Life Is Today!"

"Learn YOUR Secrets That New Jersey New York Hypnocounselor/Consulting Hypnotist Dr. Robert Galarowicz Is Uncovering In His Empowering and Healing Service Of
Past Life Regression & Age Regression Consulting."

Dear Friend~

If you are interested in Past Lives, Past Life Regression or Age Regression Consulting (also aka. age regression therapy) and finding out who YOU were in a previous life or remembering a past memory– this web page is for you.

I've been a professional Past Life and Age Regression Hypnosis Consultant for over 13 years and I'm going to give you everything you need to instantly access your own Past Life and Forgotten Memories and show you how to use that information to make dramatic changes in your life…

…and in many cases you will experience relief in a few hours to a few days. Regression Consulting is short-term technique and it tends to be more concentrated than other kinds of helping services.  Several of your issues can be worked on simultaneously in one session.  Also Regression Consulting is one of the only Truly Holistic Techniques where you release baggage from your mind, body, emotions and spirit simultaneously.

What Dr. Oz Says..

"Even if you're skeptical about past life regression, there are lessons to be learned. Past Life Regression therapy may help some people get to the root of their problems, and help ease physical and emotional pain."

Dr. Oz
Oprah Winfrey Show

June 2008

Let Me Ask You A Few Questions ...

  1. Do you feel as though your current life is being impacted in some way by what may have occurred in your past life or a forgotten memory?

  2. Have you ever imagined who you may have been in one of your previous lives?

  3. Can't figure out what is causing your current problem and wondering if a past memory is the answer to relief?

  4. Have you ever imagined who you may have known, or what you may have done?

  5. Are you ready to solve some of your life's deep and troubling problems?

If you can say "YES" to these questions keep reading because my Past Life Regression and Age Regression service can not only satisfy your curiosity and give you answers… it can make a REAL difference to your life … RIGHT NOW!

Here Are The Experiences Of My Past Clients …

Discovered My Problems
And How To Fix Them

"Dr. Robert , I can only say "thank you", yet again. Your hypnosis sessions have given me the chance to discover and understand things about why I had my problems and how to fix them. I was amazed to find out things from my early childhood were to blame. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Your service is incredible, and as I said at the start, if you could help me solve some of these problems I will write a testimonial for your website. Here it is "

Susan Micnicker
Saddle River, Bergen County former
Passaic County Resident, New Jersey

No More Fears
And Phobias

"I've really enjoyed the guided Past Life Regression that I did with Dr. Robert. I've discovered 2 different past lives. The first was in 1860′s Germany and one I am not sure when but we rode horses for transportation. When Dr. Robert helped me figure out what it all meant, everything made sense in my life. I'm working with him now on reaching my full potential and advancing my career."

Rebecca Saul
Nanuet, Rockland County, New York

I Feel Set Free And Accomplishing Things I Always Wanted

"Dear Dr. Robert, just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work we did. I originally came to you for age regression but and after that went so well. I decided to try past life techniques and even accomplished more I originally didn't come to you for. Life has been wonderful"

Michael Baldfer
Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey

A Spiritual Journey In A Safe, Comfortable And Serene Atmosphere

Dr. Robert provides an environment where you can feel safe and secure while experiencing a Past Life Regression. Not only did I learn about the past, but I also felt a connection between what I learned and how it applies to my present life. I believe that many of my beliefs, attitudes and fears were shaped by my previous lives. There are particular teachings that come along with a spiritual journey, and it became apparent to me that each life offers important lessons which can be carried over in the present life.

What was amazing was doing the historical research after the regression, and discovering my visions were legitimate. While in the state, I found myself relaxed like never before in my life. The deep mental and physical relaxation was incredible. I felt very comfortable sharing my past lives with Dr. Robert. I highly recommend going to see him if you are seeking out a spiritual journey in a safe, comfortable and serene atmosphere.

Wendy Jaune
Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey

Healing and Closure

When I first decided on using Age Regression, I was unsure of what to expect. I was even a bit skeptical about it, however my regression experience was one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was surprised at how quickly I was relaxed, with Dr. Robert's voice guiding me along the way and how easily I visited past memories. Also, the mind-body equipment he uses was such a big help and made me feel so comfortable. More importantly, from my experience I was able to bring a better understanding to the way some of my relationships were and to bring healing and closure to these. I went in with little expectations, and came out with a whole new outlook!

Netty McDubbin
Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey

So Where Am I Going With This Letter?

My passion has been to use the best, most effective Past Life & Age Regression Techniques to help you to improve your quality of life, gain clarity or satisfy a curiosity.

I've created a service for people who want to dive into their past – safely, comfortably and professionally - that is so valuable, so complete and so indispensable that I want you to work with me. And if you don't experience a past life, a forgotten memory or just not happy with my service than I don't want your money … keep reading to learn about my unique guarantee.

The discoveries made by my clients over the years have been outstanding. These results have been reflected in the numerous improvements I have seen my clients have. Some of them literally have positive life changes overnight when they gain their new found knowledge.

Like Many Of Clients When You Work With Past Life Regression Or Age Regression,
You May Experience Any Or All Of The
Following Positive Results…

  • You may find yourself free of personal problems – things that up until now seem to have been inside of you but outside of your own control…
  • You may be able to let go of fears, excessive worry, stress, that plague your daily life and prevent you from having true happiness and success…
  • You will find your self esteem improving - you begin to see yourself in a more positive light with greater confidence and friends, family, and coworkers will notice…
  • You may find a spiritual experience like nothing else on the planet and feel a true sense of enlightenment…
  • You notice your emotional hang-ups improving and may disappear entirely as you are able to move past mental barriers that hold you back…
  • You may find your financial problems clearing up and your career on track as you take back control of your life…
  • You will start to realize your full potential in life - as there is no longer anything subconsciously holding you back.

… and as you break free of the past and finally begin to achieve your TRUE potential, you may simply begin to feel happier.

And With Past Life Regression And Age Regression….

Wherever you go and whatever you find out, you will remain calm, relaxed and peaceful, while at the same time uncovering fascinating information that has remained buried for years. And the whole thing is entirely safe because you remain in control.

Many of the emotional problems and hang-ups you may be currently experiencing may have traveled with you from a past life, occurred in childhood or forgotten along the path of life. Even your relationships, health, job and financial status can be a result of what happened in the past.

It's just not possible for most therapist and therapies to completely heal you as they don't cleanse you're past…taking out the buried garbage that's cluttering up your life. Unless these emotional scars are dealt with and cleared you will just become stuck in the same patterns dealing with the same issues.

When you experience Past Life or Age Regression, you will actually experience everything as if you were there. Sites, sounds, smells and emotions will be vividly real while you remain calm and comfortable.

But however amazing the vivid images are you will feel a wonderful sensation of freedom as the old emotional conditioning, which is holding you back in this life, is released.

Now The Question Is …

Are You Ready To Experience A Genuine Past Life Or Age Regression Right Now
And Enjoy The Many Benefits It Has
Given Countless People?

If You Answered "YES" Keep Reading …

Introducing -My Past Life and Age Regression Service- where you can experience a safe, eye opening Past Life or Age Regression session using hypnosis techniques and the power of mind-body techni.

Let me explain…

There is a new and more effective way of accessing past memories using advanced brain wave technology to help your mind get into the altered state necessary for you to experience a life empowering regression.

I took the best of what Past Life and Age Regression Techniques have to offer and combined it with the latest advances in mind-body techniques. This allows you to have a more powerful and enlightening experience. Where you accomplish more, are able to access deeper memories and make faster changes.

The Picture Below Is What You Can Expect
When You Come To My Office To
Experience Regression…

  1. The finger sensor monitors your nervous system, heart rate, respiration and other body functions to:
    1. Guarantee that you are in a positive mental state ready for regression and keep you there for maximum therapeutic effect, peacefully drifting you to past lives and memories.
    2. Take the guess work out and know for sure what regression techniques are right for you.
  1. The special glasses are designed to very quickly get you into an alpha and theta brainwave state (aka. regression, habit-changing states). These high-tech glasses hold you in those life-changing brainwave states, so that every single second is used to help you in the process.

  2. The headset - that you can't see - feeds in deeply relaxing trance music and heartbeat –binaural beats- rhythms to slow your internal body processes to access those secret regression, life changing healing areas of your brain. You will also hear my soothing voice as I speak into a microphone for a positive regression experience.

  3. The plush reclining chair allows your body to be comfortably supported, so there is no physical reason for you to be distracted.

Enlightened Me To Lessons That Helped My Life

"Dr. Robert put me into a state of deep relaxation, yet I was able to listen and respond to his voice. He guided me on a journey by asking me questions that I could answer from images and feelings I viewed during my regression session. What I recalled was like watching a movie. I was amazed how vivid the memories were.

The similarities and differences between the purpose in my past life and my present life were easy to see. I learned that the thought patterns in my life today are clearly tied to my past. The experience has enlightened me to lessons I can use now to help my life. I recommend Dr. Robert to anyone who feels they need to make a positive change by eliminating negative thoughts, decisions or promises that may be a recurring theme in their life.

Martha Jones
Paramus, Bergen County New Jersey

Here Are Some Of The Benefits You’ll
Receive When You Sign Up For My
Past Life & Age Regression Service . . .

  • The Truth about Past Life and Age Regression Consulting – Before we begin I will give you a clear understanding of what Past Life and Age Regression is, how it works and how it will impact your life and health. Learn the truth of this very safe age old technique, instead of just relying on un-factional mythical internet stories.
  • A Recorded CD of Your Regression Session – You may not remember everything or want to listen again for details. You will have this option because every session is recorded and burned on your own personal CD.
  • Release, like a giant weight being lifted off your soul, as crippling emotional, mental and physical blockages are set free.
  • You Discover Details of who you may have been, who you may have known & what you may have done in your Past and Current Life. You Get the Answers as to WHY you FEEL some of the things you feel in this life and most importantly, Closure and Knowledge of how to break free from the past and move on to a better future.
  • My Regression Consulting helps you change unwanted behaviors without the use of drugs. I provide you with tools, techniques and exercises to fully maximum your experience and reap the biggest rewards possible. I won't just send you out in the world with your experience. If needed I will help you find the meaning, apply it to your current life and give you what you need to succeed.
  • Untold Stories About Your Past – Discover the events that make up the driving force that is your soul today. Your present life is often influenced through emotional upsets of the past. Regression consulting effectively heals those old injuries.
  • You can gain self confidence, better judgment, determination and the ability to focus properly on the things that really matter.
  • It can prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over. The lessons learned can help you make better decisions and stop the cycle of self defeat and poor judgment.
  • You can realize potential you didn't know you had. Exploring your past can make you see a talent or skill that may be buried deep in your subconscious. Discovering this could change your outlook on life forever.
  • You will have a better understanding of yourself and realize why you have a certain personality or characteristic that was a mystery to you before. You can use this information to change your life right now for the better.
  • Explain and resolve your 'unexplainable' habits and quirks. You may have excess worry, nervous ticks, irrational fears, and other emotional or physical problems you can't figure out. Regression work allows you to re-encounter these sorts of memories that caused your issues and put whatever negative symptoms you're experiencing to rest - permanently.
  • Interact With the Past - Regression takes you into the past, sometimes just a few years ago, and sometimes centuries ago and during your experience you're likely to see, feel, and hear yourself interacting with people from that time, in that historical setting. You may interact with people who have been dead for decades, maybe centuries or resume a conversation with a significant relative.

Possibilities Are Endless …

There are so many areas you could benefit from Past Life and Age Regression Consulting this list could go on for another 10 pages. The point is your life will improve and you will be happy after working with my regression services.

However, if you are one of the small percentage of people who are not satisfied with my service or you feel your experience is not what you are looking for...

Take advantage of my 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You see, I enjoy helping people with my regression work. That's what this is all about for me. When people email me and tell me how their lives have turned around, that really makes my day! There's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing I made a difference in someone's life.

I would like you to join that growing list of people. So if my service isn't doing it for you, I don't want your money. All you need to do is email me and say, "Dr. Robert it wasn't for me and here's why ..." and I'll promptly refund your money.

I really want everyone to be happy and able to try my Past Life and Age Regression Service without hesitation, skepticism, or any concern at all.

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"This Sounds Great, Doctor Robert, But
How Much Does It Cost?"

Good question …I don't publish my fees online for two reasons…

  1. You might not be a good candidate for Regression work. I don't want you to call and speak to my assistant and book an appointment. Then your upset and both of our time is wasted because in the first few minutes I learn regression work may not be suited for you. Once in a while because of recent circumstances in someone's life this may not make them a good candidate for regression work.
    This does not mean you can never use my regression services. It just means that at this current moment it may not be best to proceed. Possibly in a week or a month … when the time is right and you will most benefit.

  2. Depending on what you're looking to accomplish and what may be involved the fee may vary from person to person. You most likely will fit into my standard rates but sometimes there may be a complicated issue where more is needed.
    I would hate to publish my fee online and when we speak you find out it's a different price. Your upset which I would never want, so publishing my fees would be a bad business practice. However …

Rest Assured The Price Of My Past Life & Age Regression Service Is Extremely Affordable. . .

You've probably spent more on a few therapist visits, going out to dinner for a couple of weeks or some self help products. The real question is: "Can you afford to continue with your past plaguing your present, your curiosities unanswered, discovers that lead to a better life never being realized?"

Probably Not … so if you are still reading than you are serious about improving your life, so let's start things off with …

Your Complimentary 20 Minute
"Get Acquainted" Consultation…

To get started, all you have to do is enter your name, phone number and email address in the box below and hit "submit or call me at 201-728-4831." Leave a message if I don't answer and I will return your call within 48 hours.

My complimentary consultations are not sales pitches. We'll talk about your issues, how you come to be interested in regression techniques, the problems you're facing and ways I can help. I will also provide you with all the information and answer any questions you have about my service.

If you're anything like my other clients you'll be seeing results and will be on your way to improvement in a short amount of time.

"But You Do Have To Act Now…"

I'm only one consultant. And with the astonishing results I've been getting for my clients using regression consulting I get referrals and inquires every day from people asking to schedule appointments.

Now, in order to deliver the results I pride myself on I have to limit the number of clients I see per day. Which means if you want to talk further, reserve your appointment and possibly have the greatest life experience, you have to act NOW.

And all you have to do to is enter your name, phone number and email address in the box below and hit the submit button or call 201-728-4831 and leave a message if I don't answer.

You Have A Choice To Make . . . A Choice That Could Change Your Life For Good . . .

1st Choice: Keep Doing What You're Doing Now . . .

Nothing will change and you will wake up tomorrow exactly as you are today. Living a life that is less than what it should be. If you're on this site and reading this page, it shows me that what you're doing now ISN'T WORKING. And that means you're exactly the kind of person I want to help.

2nd Choice: Risk Nothing And Let Me Help You…

Work with a professional with years of experience and get results without pain or agony. I can guarantee that if you put this aside to "think about it" you won't be any closer to helping yourself.

Let Me Use Past Life And Age Regression Consulting That Has Helped So Many Others…

Fill Out The Form Below. I'll Get Back To
You Within 48 Hours, But If You're In
A Rush, I'd Recommend Picking Up
The Phone Now And Setting Up Your
No Charge "Get Acquainted" Consultation And Leave A Message If I Don't Answer…
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You have nothing to lose and a tremendous amount to gain. Simply enter your name and email address and click the "Submit" button above.

Warmest Regards,


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Disclaimer: Individual Results May  Vary and No Guarantee of Results: I have used the word hypnotherapist in the initial voice recording. Due to recent New Jersey advertising restrictions. I am not a hypnotherapist, but a clinical hypnosis consultant. I have no access to change the file as my web designer has passed away. My fees are not covered by insurance companies.