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Webster's Dictionary defines a group as: 2 or more people assembled together or having some unifying relationship …

Whether it's just you or a friend looking to explore hypnosis for weight loss, stopping smoking, past life regression, improving sports performance or you would like to conduct a group, class or seminar for your facility or location– Call or email me to discuss what you are looking for and how I can make the perfect fit.

I can accommodate up to 15 people comfortably for a hypnosis class, group and seminar at my facility.

Here Are Some Reasons You May Want To Choose A Hypnosis Class, Group Or Seminar For Stopping Smoking, Losing Weight, Etc…

  • Many people have used hypnosis groups or classes to effectively stop smoking or lose weight and looking to recreate that experience.
  • For past life regression you would like to see many of your lives rather than delve deeply into any specific life.
  • Its more affordable than private one-on-one sessions.
  • Your part of a group and would like to experience hypnosis together with them.
  • Personal preference for group activities or want to be with someone who is dealing with the same things you are.
  • You're more comfortable in a group setting for a new hypnosis experience or with a significant other or friend.
  • You work best when surrounded by others making changes and wish to see the group being empowered.

Hypnosis Classes, Seminars or Groups are performed in a personalized and small class environment for effectiveness. In these seminars I will be guiding you step-by-step through the hypnosis process to help stop habits, lose weight, reduce stress, stop smoking or whatever you desire while using the latest techniques in clinical hypnosis therapy.

You will also have the opportunity to work on many issues with group hypnosis in a safe and supportive environment and group clinical hypnosis therapy offers you an important tool for personal growth and development.

Many topics can be effectively covered with group hypnosis including stopping smoking, losing weight, motivation, stress reduction, learning self hypnosis, sports and performance enhancement, test taking, self-esteem/confidence, public speaking, shyness and many more issues. Call me to talk about what you are interested in.

What Past Participants Have Said

"I enjoyed the group classes, especially the learning self hypnosis, weight loss and stress reduction. I use self hypnosis almost every night before going to bed and find life just becomes easier the more I do it. I can easily control my diet and I am definetly no where near as stressed as I used to be. Love your groups and would recommend them to anyone. All the best. "

Jennifer Alpino
New Jersey

"During the many group classes I done with Dr. Robert the past life regression was one of my favorites. I saw my connection with several friends and people in my life. It feels so good to discover my past lives and what I was. Whatever I have experienced in my past lives, I will treat it as a lesson for my present life.

I also did some group weight loss session with a few friends of mine and it helped me avoid night time eating and over eating. I lost 13 pounds.

It was a great way to spend a night with a couple close friends and Dr. Roberts office setting was perfect"

Ms. Green
Bergen County, New Jersey

“You're a hit. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding your hypnosis classes. The stopping smoking, losing weight and stress reduction classes were all a success. Your really provide a great service to the community. Thank you for the all the hard work in making our programs a success. Looking forward to working with you again.”

Michele DiLoreto,
Program Director,
Continuing Education
South Orangetown
Central School District
Orange County, NY

"Dr. Robert has put on hypnosis classes for stopping smoking, depression/anxiety and weight loss for our facility and he has been a pleasure to work with. Reliable, helps promote the classes, and people keep coming back for the group/seminars.

Jovita Wallace, Being In Balance, LLC
Former Holistic Center In Nutley, NJ, Essex County

Interested In A Group Hypnosis Class? Let's Start Things Off With A Phone Call And Discuss What You Are Looking For…

Simply give me a call at 201-728-4831 or CLICK HERE to be taken to my contact page where you can enter your name, phone number, email address and a message in the form and hit the submit button.

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